A Very Important Pastry

This a quick addendum to my post (‘A Brief Interlude…’) about the delicious French institution that is the galette des rois.

In my earlier post, I tried to convey the importance of this particular pastry – I explained that it is bought, consumed and discussed by just about everyone in France for just about the whole month of January.

SO, just to show you how much I was not exaggerating: I came into work the Monday after posting the above to a calendar invite for the Wednesday just gone. This in itself was not at all remarkable – I get these invites many times a day for meetings, calls and other important work-related events, as does every other office employee ever.

I am not, however, accustomed to getting calendar invites which are simply entitled ‘Galette des rois 2018’.

Yes, you heard me.

On Wednesday afternoon, at 12:30pm, all employees were invited to go and spend a whole TWO HOURS in the ‘break out’ area upstairs, purely for the purpose of consuming galette des rois. Oh, and there was cider too. As per tradition.

Like I said, it’s quite an important pastry.

I bloody love this country.

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