Bonjour! My name is Jodie, and I am an English twenty-something and lifelong Francophile who is finally fulfilling her fantasy of living la vie parisienne.

This blog was created to document my adventures here in Paris (of which there have been many so far); it’s a bit of a melting pot of anecdotes, observations and general musings. And of course, it’s extremely witty and entertaining. Obviously.

In the time I have spent here so far, I’ve experienced both glorious clichés and eye-watering embarrassment, in my quest to find my feet – and dare I say, blend – into this magnificent city in which I somehow now find myself resident.*

It has been (and continues to be) my intention to find (and photograph) as many of the aforementioned clichés as possible – and to share both those, and the inevitable further embarrassments that go hand-in-hand with the expat experience, with this blog and any who choose to read it.

Oh, there’s a lot of talk about food. Just to warn you. Read hungry at your own peril.


* Truly blending is actually an all-but-impossible task in France, when you’re blue-eyed and ridiculously pale ivory-skinned, but hey – a girl can try.

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