Bonjour! My name is Jodie and I am an English twenty-something and lifelong Francophile who is finally fulfilling her fantasy of living la vie parisienne.

This blog will document my adventures here in Paris (I expect to have many); it is to be a mixture of anecdotes, observations and general musings.

In time I have spent here so far, I’ve experienced both glorious clichés and eye-watering embarrassment, in my quest to find my feet – and dare I say, blend – into this magnificent city in which I somehow now find myself resident.*

I intend to find (and photograph) as many of the aforementioned clichés as possible (after all, they’re clichés for a reason) and to share both those, and the inevitable further embarrassments that go hand-in-hand with the expat experience, with this blog and any who choose to read it.

Oh, and there will probably be a lot of talk about food. Just to warn you.


* Truly blending is actually an all-but-impossible task in France, when you’re blue-eyed and ridiculously pale ivory-skinned, but hey – a girl can try.

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