Umbrellas in the Sun

I happened across the most fabulously random little gem whilst walking through the 8th arrondissement this morning: a side street with a ‘ceiling’ of suspended umbrellas. Real ones.

The umbrellas spanned the full length of the street, hundreds of them in a variety of bright colours, creating a spectacle that was at once surprising and delightful in its beautiful, rainbow simplicity. Today was a particularly good day to find them; the unseasonably bright, warm sunshine lit the umbrellas from above, whilst the accompanying clear blue sky provided a brilliant backdrop. Needless to say, I took a lot of photographs.

The street in question is ‘Le Village Royal’ (I don’t think I need to translate that one) and it must surely rank amongst the most lovely of the city’s famed ‘passages‘ – even without the current… additions, it has a really lovely ‘vieux Paris‘ appeal.

Apparently, this cheerful installment will be gracing Paris with its colourful charm until the end of April, should you happen to be in the area before then. Although it’s not really an activity per se, and I didn’t spend long there, I really would recommend paying the umbrellas a visit if you have the opportunity. Your inner child will certainly thank you; I challenge anyone not to smile at the pure, joyful whimsy of this technicolor umbrella-carpet in the sky.


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