The Weather Outside Is Frightful

My delight with yesterday’s snow (“Let It Snow”) was short-lived: the walk to work either side of the metro this morning was enough to see to that. It has been snowing all day without reprieve, but none of those lovely big fluffy flakes today; instead it’s been hours on end of that fine stuff that doesn’t stick and just makes everything wet. I thought anything would be better than the ceaseless rain of the last couple of months, but this weather has the same effect with the added bonus of being absolutely freezing. Be careful what you wish for eh?

Yoga is most certainly off the cards this evening. Once I get home tonight, I will not be leaving my lovely, cozy, warm apartment again for anything that doesn’t require the presence of the emergency services.

Nope, I will be curling up, radiators on and lamps aglow, with a new book – courtesy once more of the San Francisco Book Company – accompanied by a bowl of paella and a glass of red. Maybe if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll even mull the wine.

 Would almost seem rude not to, all this snow.

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