It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Today I ventured out to see the great swollen beast that is the River Seine at present.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about/seen it at all – it’s certainly been making the UK news judging by the number of smart remarks I’ve had from English friends and family about boats etc – but right now, the Seine is ENORMOUS. Footpaths are completely submerged, tops of benches barely breaking the surface and trees looking somewhat lost in their new, watery beds. You could barely get a rubber duck through the space between the bridges and the water’s surface. Google it, you’ll see. It’s very strange.

It’s also completely bloody typical. I read last week that this is France’s wettest January in over 100 years. 100. What is my life?

I had two glorious golden weeks of autumnal sunshine when I arrived in October – and then November happened and it hasn’t stopped raining since.

I literally must be the only person in the history of ever to leave the United Kingdom and get more rain.

Or at least, excepting any British emigrants to countries with monsoon seasons. France does not have a monsoon season. Supposedly. It’s ridiculous.

Spring, please?

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