Le Camembert

Fun fact of the day: this afternoon, I discovered that the French term for a pie chart is – wait for it – ‘un camembert’.

I can’t say exactly why this amused me quite so much, but suffice to say I was suffering recurring fits of giggles for a good ten minutes or so following this discovery.

My poor (French) colleague was completely bemused. Can’t blame her really. I mean, it makes perfect sense: both pies and camemberts are round and both can be divided into segments, after all. I am in serious danger of establishing a reputation for myself in the office as the crazy anglaise. Probably well-deserved.

Anyway, as I said, I was thoroughly amused – so I thought I’d share in the hope that you might be too.

Un camembert. Ha.

(Please enjoy the photo of my Friday-night camembert from a couple of weeks back – just in case you’re currently feeling cheated out of a vaguely Paris- or travel-related post. Although to be fair to me (I always try to), these little linguistic gems are amongst my favorite parts of becoming acquainted with another culture.)

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  1. Maybe this is a deeply embedded food culture thing? As a Brit with northern roots, I can’t held but smile thinking of pie. I hear pie and pay attention. Maybe our love of pie and the French love of cheese are sufficient to warrant using them to respectively name methods of presenting otherwise boring information? I wonder if the person coming up with these split circle charts was sat in a room and struggling to get the attention of his audience and realised using food was the best way to get their focus? I imagine the audience were quite disappointed to not be given any food, just information.


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