What Is This “Concise” You Speak Of?

I’ve gotten so lax with posting regularly. It’s more difficult than I thought, this blogging malarkey. Certainly, it’s far more time-consuming. I keep telling myself that I should write shorter posts – if I spend less time writing them, I’d surely write more. And they’d be quicker to read, which, I’m told, is The Key with regards to sharing just about anything on the internet. There’s an abbreviation to prove it: “TLDR”, meaning “too long, didn’t read”. So it must be true.

I’m not going to tell you how long I spend crafting an average post, but I can assure you, it is too long by far. I was never any good at being concise. There were kids in school who were forever in trouble for not producing enough work, skimping on word or page counts and turning in the bare minimum wherever they thought they could get away with it; I was the opposite. I was consistently told I was writing too much, turning in fat bundles of ink-smudged A4 when we’d been asked to write a single page. English exams were a real issue – or rather, the time constraints were.

I’m the same when I talk. I’m not the sort of talkative where I’m constantly chatting – I can be quite quiet (believe it or not) – but when I am talking, I always have so much to say. If I’m telling a story, my digressions have digressions. I’ll go off on about six tangents before I get to the probably-pretty-simple point I started off trying to make. Whatever mental filter we’re supposed to be fitted with to sort out the extraneous detail from the important stuff, I wasn’t there when they got handed out.

Don’t get me wrong, I probably could recount an anecdote briefly. I’m sure I could keep my writing succinct. But, to me, all those extra details are what bring a story to life. Everything is so much less colourful without them.

And apart from anything else, I love words. I love how you can exchange one word for an almost-identical synonym and entirely change the feeling of the sentence. I love how you can purposefully paint a particular picture in someone else’s mind with a few carefully-chosen adjectives. I love the subtle power of alliteration. And of metaphor, and simile, and repetition, and all those many, many other tools in the vast arsenal available to anyone who wishes to put them to use. In short, I love words far too much to use less of them.

So, ironically, I’ve written a short post here, about not being able to write short posts – but don’t expect many more of the same. It’s just not in my nature. Sorry!*



* I’m not at all sorry.

6 thoughts on “What Is This “Concise” You Speak Of?

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  1. I loved this! Because it’s well-written and true and it’s exactly how I feel. Someone with more blogging history and expertise told me my posts are too long (they sometimes clock in at 2000 words, not that I notice, I just write and edit until I’m happy with it and think it’s done, and because I’m fussy that can take more time than it should). She said they should be 300-500 words in order to get the maximum amount of readers. 300 words would be just getting started? If the blogger is a good writer and the topic is of interest to me then I am disappointed if the post is over too soon. Since when did we become a society of such limited attention span that we can only handle small bits of information – for people who want short there’s Twitter. While I appreciated her help, and do try to be more cognitive of editing now, it does sort of take the fun out of it. You should write how you want to write, and your writing is very good! Keep it long!

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    1. Yes!! I’m so glad someone else feels this way – as much as I like to express myself at length, I also like to get stuck into other people’s stories, and it’s hard to really get into something if it’s over almost as soon as it’s begun. Thank you for the encouragement and the kind words, I very much appreciate it 🙂

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  2. I forgot to mention, that I also agree with your first sentence re this blogging being more difficult and more time-consuming than anticipated….I’m finding it hard to get one post done weekly now that the warm weather is here to stay. I think blogging might be a winter activity…..or perhaps only twice a month……or maybe just sporadic!

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  3. Great post!

    I tried to write a short comment, I really did but I also wanted to say this made me laugh a lot so thank you. I find that I have no set length for my posts, some are long and some are short. Write what works for you, not what you think people might want to read 😉 Good luck!

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    1. Oh brilliant, thank you, I’m very happy to hear (/read) that! Thanks very much for the advice, and the luck 🙂 It’s reassuring to know other people feel the same way about writing as much as they feel like – I hate limiting what I have to say for the sake of a word count!

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